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For entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, home-based and small business – to spark inspired-acumen and transform in the business of being an entrepreneur. We inspire you to cultivate inner strength to witness business strength through: a weekly radio show; audio program, Start Strong; LIVE events; and mentor programs. Thrive with defined productive-purpose; making choices from trusting in your truth for what you desire. We cultivate extraordinary, ordinary entrepreneurs

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Why-3dI wrote Why Productive-Purpose, the e-book to fully express my conviction on this premise. With every fibre of my being, I believe it’s a distinct privilege for individuals to serve others with their unique passion (productive-purpose). I strongly feel our evolutionary role is to grow into the most incredible version of ourselves by sharing our productive-purpose. Our responsibility in experiencing this wonderous life on earth is to impart our productive-purpose on as many individuals as possible. It perpetuates a conscious evolutionary process…To receive this gift, please fill in below.

My Entrepreneur Definition…

We entrepreneurs are a revolutionary force! Our vision is simple. We want a daily lifestyle and business experience to reflect what’s important to us now, vs the elusive future. Translation – efficient financial viability and business fulfillment, but not at the cost of our overall health – physical, social, spiritual or in relationships. We are purpose-driven individuals, possessing a unique talent. We strive for significance, knowing true success is about adding value to another’s life. Proudly, we evolve our personal brand, planting new seeds – to benefit all involved. Being valued on our own terms with a spirit of mutual respect, collaboration and fun factor is a must. As big thinkers, we understand the significance in collaboration – providing creativity, inspiration, support and joy through our entrepreneur community. We work independently, creating our own pay check. Belief that global uncertainty will largely improve as individuals consciously choose accountability through productive-purpose is our way. We get that by showing up for ourselves, we help others to help themselves. Our motto, “If not now, when?”

Christine Monaghan
Owner, The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Network

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